Marketing and Sales

Marketing strategy is an essential part of the general business strategy of any company on each stage of its development, especially when trying to establish a foothold in a new country. This is usually a very time-consuming and costly process as foreign companies lack the knowledge of the local market, regulations and business customs.

Easy Way helps you to meet these challenges and to become successful in the Russian market. You can outsource all marketing and promotion activities in Russia through our company. This is much more cost and time effective than opening own trade representation as you don’t need to spend time and money on setting up the company, office lease, personnel search, and training. We already have all the resources to start the promotion process.

We offer a wide range of effective marketing tools to ensure the continuous growth of your company. Our work normally starts with market research which provides all the necessary information and allows us to choose the most appropriate marketing strategy for your product.

Our marketing and promotion services also include but are not limited to:

  • Market research;

  • Search for potential customers and business partners;

  • Contacting potential customers, conducting initial negotiations;

  • Development of marketing materials in Russian (presentation, booklets, etc.);

  • Development of corporate Website in Russian;

  • Direct mailing campaign;

  • Full range of online marketing and advertising tools in the Russian internet segment;

  • Advertising and articles in specialist printed media;

  • Providing information about important business events in Russia (conferences, trade fairs, seminars);

  • Organization and support for participation in trade fairs, conferences, and other professional events;

  • Sales promotion on specialized trading platforms;

  • Organization of presentations, conferences, seminars, and other marketing events.

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